Since 1994, this annual event has brought national and internationally known teachers to Arizona and made its Flagstaff venue a destination for quilters locally and nationally. Quilt Camp in the Pines and its sister event, Quilting in the Desert, have served over 5,000 quilters since their inception.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Good News! Supply Lists Online...

Whew! The supply lists for all the classes are now on the web page underneath the description of the class. Just in time too. I'm off to Laguna Woods, California, to join my family in celebration of my Mom's 90th birthday. Such a wonderful time for all of us. The big party is a brunch for all the family and her friends on Sunday morning... 70 in all... and it promises to be rowdy and loving all at the same time. Maybe I'll even post a photo of us when I return.

In the meantime... don't forget to send in your registrations for Quilting in the Desert. Gosh, I hate to hear from someone, "I just didn't mail it in time and now, the class I wanted is closed." Don't take the chance... register now!

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