Since 1994, this annual event has brought national and internationally known teachers to Arizona and made its Flagstaff venue a destination for quilters locally and nationally. Quilt Camp in the Pines and its sister event, Quilting in the Desert, have served over 5,000 quilters since their inception.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

News from Houston!

Wild, tiring days. In the morning, we are up early and tearing off to classes in order to find the teachers that we think will be fabulous for either Quilt Camp or Quilting in the Desert. It's a good chance for us to "audition" teachers we haven't met before. We want nothing but the best for our campers! Of course, we see old friends at every turn in the hallway, so it's like a family reunion all day long.

After poking our heads into the classrooms, we're off to the showroom floor. We want to see what's new and who's new. Have to plan ahead for 2010 and 2011. That's how far ahead we schedule our teachers.

I keep promising myself that I'll sign on in the evening before going to sleep and write a post on the blog. Problem is that I get the sleep and the posting backwards. Falling asleep in front of the computer before I can type anything. We finished earlier this evening and I wanted to send a message before heading off to bed. I figured it was better to sleep in bed than in front of the computer. Anyhow... the early morning seminar today... was on blogs! Seems as if I really am getting in the groove and will become a true blue blogger.

For those of you who have asked... I apologize that the supply lists are still not up on the web page. I really have been working on them and will try my best to get as many up during this week as I can. At least the ones that I already have from the teachers.

The days are exhausting but exhilarating. It's hard to get settled down and off to slumber-land before the next long day. Show closes tomorrow at 4 and we're on our way home on Tuesday talking about everything we saw, all the new teachers we have discovered and all the old friends we've seen. And it's all filled with promises to meet again next year!

And... before I think any more about next year... I'll just continue planning for tomorrow!

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Crayola58 said...

You've hardly begun as a Blogger, but your blogging words are fantastic. Can't wait to see photos.